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Mediation -
Cooperative Management of Conflicts

Mediation is a professional way of handling conflicts to achieve a solution. It was developed in the USA in the sixties and seventies and is meanwhile practiced in more than 20 countries world-wide.

Nowadays, conflicts are regarded as unavoidable parts of our lives and as a chance for growth. Conflicts are important as they bring about developments and changes. Regarding the handling of conflicts, however, mankind are still living in stone-age. We are lacking appropriate ways of dealing with conflicts and need a new global "conflict culture". Mediation is a method of solving problems in assent, based on fairness and responsibility.

In business and economy, conflicts are time-consuming and expensive. Frustrated employees cause costs due to their lack of motivation or frequency of illnesses. Mediation helps you to save money. Furthermore, it has a humanizing effect. With a positive approach to conflicts in companies, you can avoid demotivation of your employees and high fluctuation. With human resources working highly motivated, a company can flourish faster and more effectively.

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